Bad Feet And Ankles

  1. Angry Bad Feet And Ankles

    I have flat feet, bunyans, a big toe that curves towards the other toes, and fused bones in my ankles. I have difficulty building the teardrop of my quad, although front squats seem to help. I also have difficulty getting any result from my calf training, i have found tweaking my form till they burned works on some machines, but how do you specifically train the outer head of your calf, the head on the outside of your body. Also does anyone use any ankle specific movements to build around them, is this possible? I can almost wrap my hand around my ankle but have 17.5" guns, its recockulous. I do have smaller joints on my body but i dont know if i can fix my ankle problem outside of surgery. Did i mention my knees click lick a photo shoot when i go do leg movements prolly alot to do with weight disrtribution being uneven across the knee. any help

  2. If you want to prevent injury to your ankles, sit with one leg crossed over the other. Then take one hand and wrap it around your ankle and use your other hand to rotate your foot in its full range of motion for about 10 seconds in each direction. Do this before you work out after you have warmed up a little. I can't answer your other questions though.

  3. my ankle wont move left or right just up and down, due to the fused bones, youd never know and i didnt until my foot doctor was like woah thats

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