5x5 advice

  1. 5x5 advice

    Im trying to get a good strength program going and I think ive decided to use the 5x5...this is what I came up with, please comment on what you think

    WORKOUT #1

    (Main #1) Box Squat 5x5
    (Main #2) Dead Lift 5x5
    (Sub # 1) Leg Extension 3x10
    (Sub # 2) SLDL 3x10
    (sub # 3) Shrugs 3x10

    WORKOUT #2

    (Main #1) Flat Bench 5x5
    (Main #2) Weighted Dips 5x5
    (Sub #1) Pull-ups 3x10
    (Sub #2) Military Press 3x8
    ( Sub #3) Bent Over Row 3x8

  2. Everyone is different, but you're going to have to be very different for your back to survive this plan.

    It's far from unanimous, but most people would say doing any form of barbell squat and deadlifts in the same workout is getting pretty close to overdoing it. Adding SLDL's would seem to remove all doubt, and doing bentover rows on another day doesn't seem to give the back any time to rest.

    Or did you mean you are just doing these two workouts once each per week and nothing more? If that is the case, then you may get away with visiting your back in both sessions, but that W.O.#1 still looks awful heavy.

    On W.O.#2, consider flip-flopping the Dips and Pullups. True, you'll be moving one of your secondary exercises ahead of one of your primaries, but you'll be able to put more into the Dips if those muscles get to recover some from the Benching. You might then consider also switching the Presses and Rows so the Presses don't come right after the Dips, the good old push/pull concept, with the two alternating throughout the workout, yielding more recovery during the workout for more effort each exercise.

  3. Not a big fan of doing weighted dips for low reps, especially after a 5x5 of flat bench(your shoulders will take a pounding). I agree with GSR on the flipping dips and pull-ups but do the pull-ups for a 5x5 and dips 3x10. On WO 1, ditch the leg extensions if you are trying to increase strength; sub in either leg press or lunges.
    Also do you have any plans to rotate your 5x5 exercise every several weeks or will they be constant?

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