"x-reps" ??

  1. "x-reps" ??

    Anyone read this article? http://bodybuilding.com/fun/xrep4.htm

    It was a pretty interesting read. In my mind it is actually one of the more believable pro workouts as he isnt doing a ton of insane sets.

    What do you all think. I know that it would keep most peoples egos at the door. I know I would have to drop the weight down a bit!


  2. i was reading that yesterday and thought about it, it sounds like something that id like to try and will.

  3. http://bodybuilding.com/fun/xrep1.htm

    Anther article about it. From the read it seems they lower the volume and add in x-reps only on one set?

  4. good way to tweak a stale workout for sure. Change is good...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by milwood
    good way to tweak a stale workout for sure. Change is good...
    Yeah I dont think it is anything revolutionary...just something nice to throw in for a change.

  6. Looks like something i'd like to give a try. But c'mon those before and after pictures always kill me....

  7. i been using x reps for about 6 months definately have noticed a change in my body, gained mass and lost bf nothing as dramatic in the before and after pics but none the less it worked for me

  8. People are paying money for this book (which is a simple old school tip) to get hyooooge?? 4 books for $30 a piece.....since they all have the "X" as in X-treme, people will buy that **** thinking that they will look ripped like the pics. If you get a microscope and read the fine print at the bottom of the preface, you'll see that they have a disclaimer stating that all models used for advertisment have been using AAS to get the "chisled physiques"

    How do you expand a simple training tip into four books?

  9. i aint buying nothing but gave them a shot today on chest, burned good!!

  10. IS this that Peter Sisco crap?

  11. Hrm...I might have to give it a shot for kicks

  12. It's actually from IronMan magazine (Jonathan Lawson).

    I use this technique from time to time to switch things up and I really like it. It's also a great option for those times of the year when busy with other things and your workout time is limited to shorter sessions.

    And I don't think it's total waste of $30.00. I bought one of the e-books and it has some good stuff in there and some nice routines. I've blown alot more than that on useless supplements over the years.

    Hell, I remember buying Cybergenics back in the day! **** I'm old...

  13. Cybergenics....... oh the good old days huh.

  14. Yeah, I'm still waiting for it to 'kick in'.


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