1. Pilates

    Yeah, I am going to catch hell for this, but f*ck it. Mygf wants to start Pilates and for me to join in as well. She is out looking for a tape as I speak.

    I know it involves a lot of stretching which I probably do not do enough of (so that part would be helpful). Does anyone know of any other benefits from Pilates?

    Let the flaming begin.

  2. It's great bro. Very difficult. It will kill your abs, build your core/trunk strength and brin you flexibility. Remeber in Pumping Iron when they were doing Ballet?

  3. It strengthens your core muscles. You'll probably find it will increase your strength in your major lifts as it will strengthen your stabilizer muscles.

    I don't see anything wrong with it myself. Just to warn you though it's ****in hard, you'll be crying like a school girl if you do them properly and don't half ass it.

    [EDIT] : Doh, you beat me WW7. Oh well, that's two confirmations.

  4. man, its no shame to involve pilates. thats some tough shid. utilizes balance and flexibility (two aspects which many bodybuilder lack) Ill give it a go. Sage

  5. what is pilates?

  6. Ha-ha that's weird; my GF is right now bothering me about obtaining the Pilates system.

  7. Originally posted by zeromagnus
    what is pilates?
    I will tell you when I find out.

  8. im sorry i can't do pilates...i rip ass every 7 minutes

  9. Originally posted by zeromagnus
    what is pilates?
    Pilates is a non-impact exercise which promotes stengthening and toning all major muscle groups in a safe way....using a logical sequence and without neglecting the small muscles. I believe it was started by a european in the early part of the of the 20th century and stengthens and elongates your muscles with various exercises performed on mats and specially desgned equipment. (with emphasis on correct breathing and posture. Sage

  10. Originally posted by dez/null
    im sorry i can't do pilates...i rip ass every 7 minutes
    Lmfao, have em clearing the mats in seconds.


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