Post your entire workout routine. :)

  1. Post your entire workout routine. :)

    Yeah I know it will be long and obviously you don't have to, but I'm just curious about how everyone splits their workout and chooses their exercises, sets, and reps etc.

    I was going to post mine now, but I don't have it all memorized and right now I can't seem to find my progress sheet. I doubt anyone is dying to find out how a newbie trains anyway. :P

  2. Nelson
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    After much consideration I`m starting GVT today.

    DAY 1 - LEGS/ABS
    Squats supersetted with SLDL DB 10x10
    Incl Hip Raises 3x20
    Calf Raises 3x15

    DAY 2 - OFF (a.m. cardio)

    Bench Dips supersetted with Ezi-Curls 10x10
    Rear Raises supersetted with Ezi-Upright Rows 3x10

    DAY 4 - OFF (a.m. cardio + abs)

    Incl DB supersetted with BB Rows 10x10
    Flat Flyes supersetted with V-Rows 3x10

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  3. I train with HST, workout on mon/wed/fri each day uses the same exercises except switching with deads and squats.

    Leg Curl
    Weighted Pullups
    Incline DB Press
    Weighted Dips
    Military Press
    BB Curl

  4. I train DC style.. which is using the HIT rest pause method...

    day 1-
    chest, tri's, shoulders, forearms

    day 2-
    legs, back, bis, abs

    day 3- off

    day 4- repeat day 1 (if recovered, if not one more day off)

    day 5- repeat day 2 (unless not recovered from before)

    day 6 and 7- off

    sets are done with 6-7 second negatives on long lifts like bench press.. i do enough weight for 8 reps (100% intensity) go to negative failure, rack it, take 15 deep breathes, get as many as i can (usually 2-3) rack it, take 15 deep breaths, then do as many as i can (usually 1-2) then do a 20 second static hold if i can on the last rep, all is done with 7 second negatives.. so its 1 rest-pause set of everything except lower back which i use straight sets on deadlifts...

  5. Like John, Im something of a newbie, but this 4 day cycle has been working pretty well for strength and size gains.

    Day 1 - Legs and back
    Day 2 - Shoulders and Bis
    Day 3 - Chest and Tris
    Day 4 - No weights, usually cardio of some type - primarily raquetball

    I also usually do sets of crunches/situps with each workout.

  6. Day 1 - Chest Tricep , abs
    Day 2 - Legs
    Day 3 - Rest
    Day 4 - Back , Bicep
    Day 5 - Shoulder, Abs
    Day 6 - Rest
    Day 7 - Rest

  7. i switch from push/press routine to opposing muslce split every few months. For now.....

    Day 1: Chest/Back
    Day 2: Off
    Day 3: Arms
    Day 4: Legs
    Day 5: Off
    Day 6: shoulders/trap
    Day 7: Off
  8. Ive been doing OVT

    Training split

    Day 1: Chest and back
    Day 2: Legs and abs
    Day 3: OFF
    Day 4: Biceps and triceps
    Day 5: OFF
    Day 6: Anterior/medial deltoid and rear deltoid
    Day 7: OFF

    check that for the details--
    i got the plan from ceazes description and its got me really sore--i like it


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