Switching it up again

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    Switching it up again

    Well after about 6 weeks on my last plan (thanks to a lot of guys on here helping me figure it out) that focused a lot on the negative portion of the lift I think it is time to switch it up again. I really liked this last one but think I may wait to us it again until I need to cut. It works but it was almost depressing sometimes not being able to go heavy. So I think I am actually going to do a powerlifting routine for like the next 6 weeks or so then someday when I wanna be ripped again go back to focosing on the eccentrics. Was a good workout though, I put on around 6 pounds and not much of that was holiday weight! Might be back later with some powerlifting questions in that forum, but I think I am alright for now. Thought I'd thank everyone for their input in my earlier thread again though.

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    it is always a good idea to change routines about every six weeks.

    cutting or bulking doesn't have much to do with the training routine, it's more about nutrition.

    when you do a powerlifting routine for six weeks, i would suggest that after that you do 4-6 weeks with about 60% weight and 8-12 reps.
    this will boost your results further.

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