Training naturally for optimal hormonal response

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    Training naturally for optimal hormonal response

    So the million$ question is: do all the good hormones increase concomitantly with cortisol or is there a way to structure the workouts so as to maximize GH & test while minimizing cortisol?

    I have read a few studies that show that hGH response is the greatest when training with 60-90s rest between sets during 37-45 minutes total and that cortisol increases more when resistance training is continued beyond the 45-minute mark.

    Now I also just read that short-rest (60s) training increases cortisol MORE than 3-minutes rest between sets.

    This is kinda puzzling. I've done searches on this board and found little, same on PubMed. I know I had found the hGH study on PubMed but can't seem to find it anymore.

    Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    You might want to read Rob ***in's book: "Natural Hormonal Enhancement". They deal a lot with this issue.

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