Bodyweight Exercise Routine

  1. Bodyweight Exercise Routine

    Hey guys.. my apartment complex's gym is being closed down for a couple months and I don't have the kinda cash for a gym membership at the moment... so I was wondering what kind workout routine you would recommend with only bodyweight exercises, I do have a dip/chinup tower in my garage so I can incorporate that... I'm thinking of like full body routine 4 days a week... but what kind of rep/sets should I be shooting for with bodyweight exercises...

    This is my thought...
    Day 1/3:Chin Ups, Wide Pushups, Hindu Squats, Ab Crunches
    Day 2/4:Pull Ups, Diamond Pushups/Dips, Jump Squats, Ab Roller

    Any thoughts? Other Exercises, Set/Rep Ideas?



  2. Id reccomend back bridges, neck bridges (if u can handle them), and head stands, hand stands, or handstand push-ups(if u can do them).

  3. Thanks for the site... I like the idea of incorporating bridges... never done them before.. so it'll be interesting... but what kind of set/reps should I be shooting for? Just go until failure and do like 3 sets to failure?


  4. do a google for "matt furey"
    lots of BW exercises.
    also " BODY BY FISH
    good luck!

  5. I just checked out Matt Furey's site again after seeing it years ago and also found Kubik's new offering of 'BODYWEIGHT Dinosaur Training' while looking around.

    I'm always looking at hard core training ideas ; I got hooked on HIT methods from Jones , Darden and Mentzer than ended up following Leistner's preaching for many years and I responded well, naturally for over 20 years, to all of this low volume / high intensity advice. And it was all pretty much "free advice " or at a nominal price ; few bucks for magazines ( Ironman when it was good carried his articles ) or seminars but the best training advice I ever spent money on was subscribing to Leistner's HIT newsletter called the Steele Tip. Great stuff at a very reasonable price.

    Always interested in basic, hard training, a few years ago I purchased Kubik's ' Dinosaur Training', also at a resonable price. All good stuff no doubt , we heard it all before and we all know now there are no secrets to this stuff , but I still like to see the different guys thoughts and methods although it's basically the same thing re-hashed over the years.

    Well, today I nearly **** myself when I saw what these guys were asking for some of their "courses" now .... $ 150 . to 400.00 for a couple of Furey's and $699.00 for Kubik's.

    LOL .... what the hell is going on here ?!?! Are there actually people dropping that kind of cash to see and be instructed by DVD on how to do bodyweight squats and feet-elevated pushups - after years of experiance training with weights, etc. What do they think is going to be revealed here that they already don't know ??

    Leistner used to say there was no money in pushing hard core training ... which he said was a major reason it wasn't popular with the BB mags, etc . I wonder what he thinks now, LOL ?!


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