Sprints and Nausea

  1. Sprints and Nausea

    Hey bros,
    Quick question for guys. I've always had this problem, but I didn't really think much of it. But now that it's hindering my work-outs, I'm curious if anyone has a suggestion to solve the problem. The problem is, when I'm pushing myself with some sort of running, either sprints or trying to set a new personal-record on the mile, I get extremely nauseus. I start to heave; sometimes it's just the heaving, and other times I actually vomit. Does anyone have any suggestions for this problem?


  2. do you eat anything preworkout? if so, what, and if not, how much water do you drink before/during your workout and cardio?

  3. Originally posted by Biggin
    do you eat anything preworkout? if so, what, and if not, how much water do you drink before/during your workout and cardio?
    or what supps if any did you take before hand. back when ultimate orange was on the market i'd occasionally drink some and sometimes i'd get a little nauseaus but never heaved or puked...felt like it tho....have you jus started doin these sprints? if so you may wanna back off a little and build up...if none of this applies, well i have absolutely no idea.....

  4. Normally I'll have nothing pre-workout, because I'll be doing the cardio first thing in the AM (and i've tried it empy stomach in the PM as well. same problem, so its not an AM issue). Sometimes I'll have a protein shake beforehand, if I have the rest day of the day off school and have the time for it.

    As for water intake, it varies. Sometimes I'll have no water pre-workout, and sometimes I'll down 8-16 oz. Same problem either way.

    And no supps beforehand....

    Thanks guys.......

  5. Don't run........................... ....


  6. Originally posted by scotty2
    Don't run........................... ....

  7. I think its just the intensity level. You push yourself hard enough, your gonna feel it. Not saying it's a bad thing as long as you can handle it and compensate, especially with food after and such. I remember my football days, it wasn't just he fat guys who puked....if you really busted balls the heaves happened. Others have it doing hard leg workouts. Not sure how to remedy it, maybe others can help.

  8. Bro, I always got that nauseus during sprints in football and found that it was just a price you pay. I did drink plenty of water, the supps I took were Creatine, Whey, and a Multi Vitamin/Mineral stack.

  9. Thanks for all the help guys. I guess I'll just have to stop being such a ***** and suck it up.

  10. Dude, HIGH intensity cardio on an empty cardio? That's crazy man, I did it once and while I was having my post-w shake/meal (whey and gum drops) almost passed out. Read the thread about Morning Cardio sticky in the Nutrition Forum at bb.com.

  11. If i might add, your nausea and feelings of lightheadedness are caused when you deplete your ATP supplies. This will happen especially when running on a completly empty stomach (if you do) without fueling up with some carbs or supp'n with creatine or something to replenish ATP supplies faster first. Just my .02.

  12. I would also consider the fact that your BP increases so dramatically during the high intensity exercises that, once you stop there's not enough peripheral pressure to bring the blood and oxygen supply back to the brain, which results in temporary hyproxia (sp?) and would no doubt give you those symptoms.

  13. Aight dude, it goes something like this. High intensity exercise stimulates the CNS which cuts blood flow to digestive organs by working on the vagus and a host of other pathways. The body is more concerned with getting blood to muscles so once you get above about 75% max exertion your body isn't really sending blood to the stomach. On top of that you're not having any water so you are likely dehydrated from your about 8 hours without fluid while you slept, then, you go and sweat out even more. This further decreases blood flow to the stomach. Your body is likely well past its ATP and creatine stores and is producing lactic acid to get energy...O2 levels are stressed, C02 is building up in the blood as well as lactic acid which can cause you to feel nauseated (blame the hypothalmus and blood pH dropping to 7.35 and lower). This problem will be compounded by your dehydrated condition.

    What you can do. First, you don't have to eat, its much more important to DRINK! Have at least a liter of water, wait about 30 minutes then take off. If you still feel "full" wait. Water or anything for that matter sloshing in your stomach can irritate the stomach lining and make you nauseated. If you are gonna eat, make it something small that moves out of the stomach rapidly...

    Also, don't worry about it. Stress can cause nausea too! SO if you are all concerned about getting nauseated, well, you're probably gonna get nauseated.
    Good luck...


  14. Good post Jay!

  15. Thanks for the suggestions insight, jay, and deca....I'll put them all into use and see if it helps. Thanks again!


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