am i overtraining?

  1. am i overtraining?

    in the last few years my cardio has been non my metabolism decided it was time to slow down. ive put on about 30 unwanted lbs and decided to get active again and start a fat burning workout. after a few high rep sets and 2 min of jumping jacks i got cotton mouth,little blurry vision,nausea. i stopped right away. am i going into this 2 hard ? or do i need to continue with this type of cardio in order for these effects to go away? i dont want to ask if this is "normal" but are these effects expected for someone going from 0 cardio to a fat burning workout? just not used to feeling this way after a few jumping jacks

  2. for fat loss muscle sparing cardio, aim for a 65-70% max heart rate. if you get dizzy with that, might want to get checked out by a doc.

    although, your symptoms sound like dehydration.

  3. out a couple years and up 30 fat lbs, **** bro get a physical and some blood work then start slow. i took a while to get fat now give a while to come off.

  4. My mom told me about a patient of hers who overdid it trying to get back into shape after a long layoff. He almost died!!!!!!!!

    Like llb4 said, get bloodwork, then start slowly.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    although, your symptoms sound like dehydration.
    Or an adrenalin rush, cardiac event, hypoglycemia.

    Like beelz said, an MD visit wouldn't hurt.
    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. Lao Tse 6th century BC

  6. i have a strong feeling a big reason why i gained so much was due to me quitting smoking. i used to be a solid 185 now im around 220. my last physical was about 4 months ago and everything came out fine.

  7. eat enough carbs?
    drink enough water?

  8. In my opinion, yes you are overtraining. Lifting weights always induces a state of CNS shock to some degree and this is what causes muscle tissue to adapt accordingly. Whenever you get unusual symptoms as a direct result of exercise, a guy should stop and re-evaluate their regimen. Overtraining is counter-productive and can produce permanent injury.

  9. gotta agree with beelze on this one about the water and carbs/calories... that sounds like dehydration and maybe even some malnutrition to me. when i first started training when i was 19, i would work out each body part 2 times a week and a total of 6 days a week also run 20-30min before workout on a not so high calorie diet... thats what i consider overtraining. back then i didn't know anything about nutrition or anything about lifting... anywaysssss, when i'd get done, i'd get nauseas and feel like i was gonna pass out sometimes. without proper diet and enough hydration (which i was not drinking nearly enough), i feel that you will experience the symptoms that your feeling...

  10. why, thank you

    start with the simple fixes. if it don't work, then seek medical advice IMO. we, as society, have come to rely on a physicians far too often to tell us **** we already know.

    but hey, wtf do i know? i hypothetically lift weights.


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