I need some advice on my routine while using AAS

  1. I need some advice on my routine while using AAS

    Hey guys,

    STATS: 5-10, 5yrs bodybuilding experience, 170llbs, 13%BF.

    Im going to be doing an SD cycle 10/20/20 and just want to get some opinions on what would be the best way to work each body part and how often to build the best gains while on AAS. MY current routine is 5 days on.. 2 days off.

    Mon- Chest
    Tues - Legs
    Wed - Bi and Tris
    Thurs - Shoulders and calves
    Fri - Back

    sat and sun off.

    I have been doing alot of research on workouts while on SD and AAS and it seems to me that my body will recover quicker so i want to try and hit each body part 2 times a week..

    What are your thoughts.

    My workouts are very intenses.. 4 exercises per body part, 3 sets each, 6-10 reps, always pyramiding up.

    I would appreciate any advice and explination why you reccomend what your saying for my current routine..

    Fire away!

    p.s. Looking at what im doing now.. On a 3 week cycle, i would actually only be working each body part 3 times during the entrie cycle.. I personally feel this is not enough.. What do u all think?

  2. ali11atc, how old are you?

  3. I would just follow your normal routine and go heavy.

  4. sorry, im 23... I have experience in using ph's before such as 1ad and M1t..

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