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  1. Power Hooks

    Anyone use those power hooks that attach to dumbells that you can hang on a barbell so you do not have to clean the weight up? I have a bad bicep tendon and it's hard for me to get the 100's up for shoulder presses, I know I could get more reps and even add weight it I didn't have to clean them up.

  2. Sure do. Made my own.
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  3. Cool, I take it you like them then? Do they work good for shoulder presses? Is it easy to get used to racking and unracking them?

  4. Sorry for the late response.

    I've had a pair of these hooks for a couple years. Love them. Given your ortho issues, I'd think they would be a good idea for you.

  5. Truthfully, I bought a pair and really didn't like them. They might be alright if you have a spotter, but try steadying 140 lb dumbbells after you have done 12 reps on an incline bench. Pretty hard. Shoulder presses were pretty difficult to do too, especially as the weight gets heavier. I've gotten good at kicking them up into position with my knees/legs and just lowering them to the floor after my set. I ended up returning them for some other crap I probably didn't need. If you work out at a gym, just ask for a spot. It's cheaper too.



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