Poll: Legs, togeather or seperate

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Hams/Quads togeather or appart?

  1. Hams/Quads togeather or appart?

    Do you do quads and hams in the same day or seperate?

    Personally, I split them.

  2. Cool

    Same day for me

  3. Alright! First to post in this poll!

    I currently train both in the same session.
    But, when my shoulder was ****ed up in the '99-'00 timeframe, I had to stop upper body completely. So, I went to twice a week leg workouts.
    I had day 1 as 2 quad exercises, 1 ham, and standing calf raises
    Day 2 was 2 ham, 1 quad, and seated calf raises.
    In effect, emphasizing one group over the other.
    I usually did like Tuesday-Saturday splits.

    I found that doing that routine made my legs huge! I got up to like 27" legs with a 29" waist. (And no upperbody whatsoever ) So, you might give the split session a shot.

  4. Same day for me, however I will emphasize hams or quads more one week to another. One week I'll hit deads hard, the next I'll do back squats, and the next week I'll do front squats...all in addition to standard leg extentions, curls and leg press if I'm feelin saucey.

  5. I tried splitting hams/quads for a while last year, but I found it was too taxing on my lower back. Within a 7 day period, squatting one day, deadlifting another, and barbell rows on another is a hell of a lot of work for the lumbar region to withstand.

  6. 2 x per week. Squats, leg presses & leg extensions one day. Squats, SLDL's & curls the next. This way one will get a little more emphasis every other workout.
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  7. Oh yeah, as for the poll questions, ....

    just because i'm gay doesn't mean I don't train legs. Perhaps that should be 2 separate questions?
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr
    Oh yeah, as for the poll questions, ....

    just because i'm gay doesn't mean I don't train legs. Perhaps that should be 2 separate questions?

    A gay man who works legs is more of a man then a a straight guy whos split consist of the following...

    day 1- biceps
    day 2- chest

  9. I split them up. I completely kill my quads once a week doing up to 20 sets, or until I can't walk anymore.

    Usually start out with some light leg extensions to warm the muscles and joints up, usuing a weight I can do about 20 times. Then I will go to Squats or Leg Press depending on how I feel, then do the opposite right after that. After I get the heavier movement out of the way I will do something like front squats or lunges to help put those grooves down in there. Then finish up with some Leg extensions again.

    Two days after that I will do calves and then hamstrings. For hamstrings I go straight to do SLDL's with about 135 to warm them up and get them stretched out some and work up to my heavier working sets. Then after than its pretty much Lying leg curl and Seated Leg curl. The gym I got to isn't that great, but if I decide to drive further than normal I will throw standing leg curls in there too...

    Overall, I have had the best growth in my legs doing it this way, especially my hamstrings

  10. Work them both in the same day.

  11. Together!
    Squats followed by iso extentions and leg curls. I like to do calves as a cool down shaper, since I have the genetic luck not to need size. Balance baby, balance!

  12. I do them together. I only enjoy not being able to walk up the stairs to classes once a week.

  13. I train them on the same day with calfs. I usually do calfs another day as well. I feel that my hams and glutes get a lot of work when I do cleans and jerks and squats so if I did them on a seperate day I would over train them. Just me $.02

  14. I switch back and forth but I like doing them apart from each other. I get a much better workout for both muscle groups.

  15. Like Jiminis I switch up on how I do it depending on how much time I have to train, I do prefer to have them on separate days when possible though.

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  16. I train them together

  17. Maybe I'm not too bright but how can you split them? If you are doing squats (not 1/4, or 1/2) you hit the hams hard! At least with me my hams are more beat after squats them quads.

  18. same day so the doms are a package deal.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous
    same day so the doms are a package deal.


  20. Same day here. I'd like to split them, but I don't really have any space left in the week to do that.

  21. I train the upper half of my body over 3 days. It seems like the least I can do to train the lower half over a 2 day period.

  22. I hit it on the same day, but find it a great workout when I do supersets and combined sets.
    The best, for me is to do some warm up cycling beforehand and then modulate by using Cryokinetics between sets. It helps to halve my recovery time. I try not to do calves on the same day due to time constraints.
    But heck, that's me.

  23. depends on what program im doing as to times per week i train legs, but i always do both on the same day.....

  24. I like to split 'em up sometimes just so I can really isolate one or the other on a specific day.

  25. Usually same day; However it depends on my goal and what I want my legs to look like. I have naturally big quads so if I want to cease training them and focuse on my hams; thats what I did. Got this from Shelly Petty, my friend who is a competive female bodybuilder. (she may be IFbb-not sure)
    The past ten weeks have cut out quads and focused on bringing hams up. Quads havnt lost any size(they still work on Deads)


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