Leg extensions

  1. Leg extensions

    i just changed my leg routine to squats and deadlifts (from leg presses, extensions and curls)
    I am getting much quicker gains of course...

    question is, can i cut extensions out completely and put the extra effort into squats and dls?

    thnx for replies!

  2. You can throw away the leg presses. Squats is the same thing but ten times better and more effective. As for the leg extensions I personally like them because they target the quads.

  3. There is certainly no reason why you can cut them out. I would personally.

  4. sure, but is it optimal. squats and deadlifts are probably the two best exercises, but doing both together is a strain on your lower back. i go with two leg days, on for quads based around squats and another for hams based around deadlifts. i find that the two days for upper body are enough (check my post on the ALL TIME FAVORITE SPLIT thread in this section). although from time to time i have done this workout in one, but rarely.

    cheers, pete

  5. to quickly answer your question, yes, basically... but, if you don't do much sprint work or high intensity cardio, you *may* have weak hams... most people's hammies are greatly unbalanced with their quads, with you I'd reckon this is probably not the case since you said you switched from a workout using the basic flexion/extension movements... only reason I do extensions, is to warm the bitches up FOR squats/presses, and get the knees rollin' ... and will occasionally throw in a few sets of curls at the last... easier to completely finish off the hams, and make sure they don't lag behind.

  6. I do a 4 day split with squats and deads on different days (deads are on back day, SLDL's for me). I do leg extensions after squats to try and fully fatigue the quads, but you could cut them out, yeah. It really depends on your program I think, but with two of the big three lifts on one day, extensions aren't a necessity IMO.


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