Any one do this for calves?

  1. Question Any one do this for calves?

    Well I have been lurking around here for ever now it seems. I rarely post and make good use of the search button!!

    Well I have seen a lot of talk about calf training and how they are a pain in the ass to get growing. I have thought about how to get them to be monsters and one day walking to class I decide to put all the emphasis on my calves and do like calf raises while I walk, then walk just on my tip toes. Yeah I got some weird looks kinda, but I dont care. That night my calves were so damn sore...never felt anything like it and I know soreness is not a good indicater of anything...but it "felt" different somehow.

    So today doing calves I decide to grab some 50 pound d-bells and walk with just my tip toes putting all the load right on my calves. I walked a hallway and back...around 50 meters total. I did four sets of this and it seems to hit the gastrocnemius very hard. I then finished with 4 sets of seated to concentrate on the soleus more.

    Just wondering if anyone else has ever tried anything "off the wall" like that?

  2. yup, i do calf raises damn near all the time even while walking and sitting.......made my arms grow. go figure.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    yup, i do calf raises damn near all the time even while walking and sitting.......made my arms grow. go figure.
    Is it working? What do they measure now?
  4. Wink

    I don't know who that was directed at max....? prolly at beelzebub but I will answer any way.

    Judging by the mirror it seems to be actually working. I am getting more defination when I am bulking and I am getting closer to that diamond shape. I will put a tape to them when I get home (dont ahve one at college here) and if they are over 17 then I have definately made progress. I also can take some updated pics and show a before and after and we can see if it has been working.


  5. it didn't do **** for me max. the only program that seemed to help my calves was the DC calf routine. f'ing hurts but i did notice improvements.



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