My modified HST

  1. My modified HST

    Few months ago I did a cycle of HST with some success. Now I was wondering of setting up a modified HST routine. I will workout each bodypart 2 times per week instead of 3 times prescribed by HST. and will do a split routine as opposed to whole body workout in the original HST. My workout will be as follows:

    Sunday : Pecs/Delts/Tris(3-4 sets per bodypart)
    Monday : Legs/Back/Biceps/Trap (3-4 sets per bodypart)
    Thuesday: Off
    Wednesday : same as Sunday
    Thursday : Off
    friday : Same as Monday
    aturday :Off

    I'll stay 2 weeks on 12 reps, 2 on 10, 2 on 8 and finally 2 on 6


    3 on 12, 3 on 9 and 3 on 6 (haven't decide yet)

    The reason I was wondering of doing this modifed routine is first because I wanted to workout 4 times per week, and because the recovery would be hypothetically easier on a 2 days per week (per bodypart) workout than the original whole body 3 times per week. What do you think? How do you think it will work compared to the original HST?

    Any input is appretiated.


  2. Usually when people split up an HST routine it's to increase the frequency, going from 3 times a week to six times a week, low volume per session of course. I can see you've increased the volume. That's not particularly necessary given the principles behind the routine. Since you're only working at your respective rep maxes for 3 times over the course of 6-8 weeks recovery really shouldn't be an issue. I wouldn't split the routine unless you're going for an increase in frequency.

    What I would recommend is a good cluster HST routine. These work amzaingly well, especially if you design it around the heavier portion of your workout and follow it up with some power lifting oriented conjugated workouts after the HST cycle. I've done that twice already and recommended a few friends to do it. They did and saw very, very good results.

    On the HST boards there's a whole bunch about clustering, basically it's just keeping volume consistent throughout the whole cycle. Set up a 4-6 week cycle followed up by whatever strength/power lifting regimen you want, you only need to find your five rep max for the HST cycle, and then SD or go very light weight for a week or two. Then begin the cycle. I think you'll like it, I sure as hell do.

  3. Thanks CDB.

    I increased the volume to have 6-8 sets per body part per week. So the volume (per week) will remain the same than the original HST.

    Okay I did some search on HST board and got the point about Cluster HST. What you mean by " you only need to find your five rep max for the HST cycle"? If I do so where should be the starting weight for the cycle? Would appreciate if you could elaborate on that.

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