Need Help with Bench, Deadlifts, and Squat ?

  1. Question Need Help with Bench, Deadlifts, and Squat ?

    I want to start a new strength routine but need help making it ? I want it to based on these three core lift and im looking for strength only routine ? Thanks.

  2. You mean like a powerlifting type thing? I think you would see better results if you put this in the PL/strongman section.

  3. How many days/week are you going to workout?

  4. westside training

  5. The 5X5:


    Olympic Squats 5x5 (same weight)
    Benching 5x5 (flat, close grip or regular)(same weight)
    JS Rows 5x5 (same weight)
    Accessory (low volume triceps and abs)


    Olympic Squats 5x5 (reduced 15-20% from Monday) or Front Squats 5x5
    Standing Military Press 5x5 (same weight)
    Deadlifts 5x5 (same weight) (if you pull 2.5x bodyweight do 3x5)
    Pull ups 5x5 (use weight if you need it)
    Accessory (biceps and abs)


    Olympic Squats 5x5 (working up each set)
    Benching 5x5 (flat or incline)(same weight)
    Rows 5x5 (same weight)
    Accessory (low volume triceps and abs)

    The idea is simple: pick a weight you can do for 5 sets of 5, and if you complete all the sets and reps, then next time bump the weight up 5 or 10 pounds.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    westside training

    You'll get some size with it, too, but it's a great basic strength program.

    I've used their 9-week beginner program with a number of people to expose them to the basics of Westside, and it's been solid.

    Requires some new lifts and styles to enter your life, but it's all about strength.


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