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    I recently returned to New Orleans and my gym had the roof torn off during Katrina. I'm not sure when it is going to reopen.

    Does anyone have a good routine for someone who doesn't have access to weights? I'm thinking about heading to the "burbs" and picking up some weights I can use in my apartment but I don't have much room for a bench or anything heavy. I'm kinda stuck with whatever I can find as not much is open down here.

    For cardio it's still warm out so going for a run or anything outdoors shouldn't be too hard. My new goals are to cut some body fat and keep as much strength as possible. Diet should be ok as I have found a decent grocery store and Fed Ex/UPS are shipping into the city just fine.

    Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance!

  2. yeah, you can get by without a gym bro. just takes some creativity, we did it in iraq all the time. you can do dips between chairs, lunges with something moderately heavy on shoulders, tri's with hands behind back on coffee table or chair with feet elevated to make harder (put added weight in lap if needed), curl damn near anything, shoulder press damn near anything, pullups off the back of stairs, etc. it's possible, but like i said, takes an imagination and creativity. good luck to ya bro. sounds like it's still pretty f'ed up down there.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I got a few ideas on how to turn my living room into a gym. Probably better use of the room.

    Yeah it is pretty f'ed up here. It's like driving through a damn landfill on the way to work every day.

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