THINK I hurt my shoulder :(

  1. THINK I hurt my shoulder :(

    This is so not cool, I started a m1t cycle 3 days ago, went in to do chest/bi's today and got into my second set of bench and on my 5th rep my shoulder began to get a sharp pain. Couldn't even do the bar w/o pain after that

    It is located like in the lower front area of my shoulder if that makes any sense.

    Here is what is weird, I can do shoulder presses (only used a 30lb db but there was NO pain, but if I do any bench type movement it hurts.

    What could I have possibly done and could it be serious?

    The pain IS less than when I first felt it but it's still there. I'm thinking that since back/tri's are my next day I'll go in and do it then do shoulders and then try chest at the end of the week and see how it feels, if its still bad I'll end the cycle early and take a week off.

  2. Sounds like you may have tweaked the anterior deltoid tendon right where it attaches to the humorous. That would put the pain in the 'lower front' of the delt like you described.

    If you bench with your elbows way out (perpendicular to your body), that will put more stress on the muscles of the deltoid. If you can still move your arm around fine then I bet its OK, you may have just pulled you experience any pain under normal conditions or only on the flat bench?

    I'd ice it down 3x per day: 10 min in the AM, 10min post workout, and 10min before bed. Grab some Cissus Quadrangularis as it seems to help speed connective tissue recovery. Warm your delts and rotator cuffs up before working upper body ALWAYS - especially chest.

    As far as the cycle goes - Im not sure with M1T but I know some androgens can inhibit the repair of connective tissues to a sigificant degree. I'd end the cycle, make sure you shoulder is OK and then go back at it after your fully healed.

    Good luck!!


  3. damnit, I didn't want to end as I had been looking forward to it for quite some time but I think that you are right. I'll ice it up and see how it goes, usually I warm up properly but I was rushing today so I only did 2 warm up sets with much lighter weight than the work sets so I probably screwed myself right there.

    And yes I had my elbows perpendicular to my body.

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