Help with my DELTS

  1. Exclamation Help with my DELTS

    does any 1 know of any good delt work outs. anything would be awesome...thanks

  2. I was going to post a shoulder thread so I'll just add it here if you don't mind Uncle.

    I recently changed from shoulder presses to arnold raises and I've been very happy with it. I feel better/more comfortable doing them and I've noticed a more growth in my front delts. Do them slow and controlled w/ fairly light weights. Here's a couple good threads:

    Now for my newb question. My shoulders still don't look very well defined from the side. I've seen a couple little guys in the gym that appear to have smaller arms than me, but they have a clear line at the bottoms of their delts. I don't think they are overall more defined than I am either, because I have fairly low bodyfat. Is this just genetics? Should I just keep doing what I've been doing and hope I gain more definition? Or should I add some lateral raises?

  3. I would say definitely hit the laterals. I think my side delts are fairly well developed for my size, and I've been doing a lot of laterals since I started. Vary it with dumbells, 1 arm dumbells at an angle (grab a post or a bench), and hit up the cables, clutching the grip behind your back to change the angle.

  4. thanks guys. should delts be trained as a seperate muscle group?, if so when is the best time to work them??
    beowulf, can u post ur delt workout????

  5. my method is to keep it simple. I usually will train delts with upper traps and calves

    Arnold Presses 1 set X15 (warmup, light weight)

    Arnold Presses 3 sets X10-12

    Lateral DB or Cable Raises 2 sets X10-12

    DB Shrugs 3-4 sets X10-12

    Standing Calve Raises - 2 sets X25-30
    ____________________2 sets X12-15

  6. I usually do Arnold presses but lately I've been doing standing military presses. Doing them standing always turns some heads as it's considered hardcore by most. Anyway hit the lateral raises to work the medial head as our anterior head gets a lot of work and tends to overshadow the other two heads of the shoulder.

  7. I agree with jminis...except I'm still with the arnold presses sometimes...but the military press definitely is a must for delts...IMO


  8. I think the key is to keep mixing it up. I alternate from week to week what I do. One week I do seated BB presses behind the neck, Seated Arnolds, Lat db raises where I keep the top of my hands facing forward, front plate raises, and BB Shrugs....The next week I do seated DB Presses, Seated BB in front of head, Superset Lat DB raises where top of hands face out and front DB raises, and DB shrugs 12-15 reps.

    I will alternate frot raises and lat raises with cables as well.

  9. Try this, alternate A and B weekly.

    Palms back laterals are done with your thumbs down, instead of your palm down. These hit the delts a lot better then normal laterals.

    Palms back laterals 3 x 10-12
    Leaning lateral raises 3 x 8-10

    Palms back laterals 3 x 8-10
    DB sholder press 3 x 8-10

  10. You can pack some serious mass onto your front and lateral delts with the power clean and press. Use good form to prevent injuries and you should be able to handle some fairly heavy weights. This is a taxing lift, so I try to put two days between it and chest/back work. IMO using laterals to build solid shoulders is like using flyes to build huge pecs. Those exercises are nice tools but you need a heavy compound movement to build mass.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Unclemikejones
    thanks guys. should delts be trained as a seperate muscle group?, if so when is the best time to work them??
    beowulf, can u post ur delt workout????
    bump this and I'll post it. Gotta run

  12. I have had the best results with seated DB press at moderate tempo and not letting the bells drop below the ear, with no full extension. Shoulder injuries are easy to get and last a long time.

  13. With any pressing motion....

    Go only untill your arms are at 90 deg. at the bottom, and dont lock out. Good luck.


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