My New Training Split

  1. My New Training Split

    Check it out. Here is my new training split. I'm gonna train
    Day 1: Horizontal Push/Pull#1
    Day 2: Legs #1
    Day 3: Rest
    Day 4: Vertical Push/Pull #1
    Day 5: Rest
    Day 6: Horizontal Push/Pull #2
    Day 7: Legs #2
    Day 8: Rest
    Day 9: Vertical Push/Pull #2
    Day 10: Rest

    I'm gonna train short of failure, increasing weight or reps each workout. This is going to allow me to work on my arms more than ever before, as I'll be hitting them 3 times in 10 days

    Feedback is welcome. I am aware of the dangers of overtraining, and will start off with less volume than the layout currently calls for.

  2. HORIZONTAL PUSH/PULL #1 (6-8 Reps)
    DB Bench
    BB Rows
    BB Incline
    T-Bar Rows
    EZ Skull Crush
    EZ Curl / TRI PD(superset)

    LEGS #1 (9-12 Reps)
    Hack Squats
    DB Lunges
    Leg Extensions/
    Lying Leg Curl (ss)
    Standing Calf Raise
    Seated Calf Raise

    VERTICAL PUSH/PULL #1 (6-8 Reps)
    DB Shoulder Press
    Pullups (Wide)
    Cable Lat Raise
    Lat PD (CG)
    Tri PD
    DB Curls
    Cable OH Tri Ext./
    Preacher Curl

    Damn, attachments not working. We'll see if this works, 3 sets per exercise.

    HORIZONTAL PUSH /PULL #2 (9-12 Reps)
    DB Incline
    DB Rows
    DB Decline
    CB Rows (wide)
    Inc. DB Flyes / Straight-arm PD (ss)

    LEGS #2 (6-8 Reps)
    Leg Press
    Leg Press Calf Raise
    Seated Leg Curls(X3)
    Leg Extensions(X3)
    Donkey Press

    VERTICAL PUSH/PULL #2 (9-12 Reps)
    Arnold Press
    Lat PD (CG)
    DB Lat Raise
    Lat PD (Wide)
    Skull Crusher
    DB Curls
    Rope PD
    Hammer Curls

  3. hmm interesting .. i like it a lot from what i see .. although i went through it kinda quickly .. but i love the theory behind it and i think you'll love it too

    actually now that i look back i would cut it back to just one exercise per body part per work out .. you'll overtrain doing that much volume (6 sets) at that frequency

  4. I follow the same type of training style. I agree with Glen though lower the frequency.

  5. I hear you guys on the frequency. However, I'm only going to do one intense set per bodybpart. So if I'm doing barbell rows for 6-8 reps I would do
    Set 1: 135x8 (easy)
    Set 2: 185x8 (still have a couple in the bank)
    Set 3: 205x6-8 (a challenge, but not failure)

    I don't like to jump right into heavy work. I do a lot better with plenty of warm up time. This way I'll only be pushing it hard for 2-3 sets per bodypart per workout. Plus, I'll be running PGH-T and Oratropin



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