treating an injury

  1. treating an injury

    start about little overa month ago..i started hiting my traps really hard...3 different exerices...i dont know what i did but one day i hurt it really bad..the area from my neck and my whole traps area left side..been hurting for 3 weeks adn doesnt go away..even took a week kinda worried cause the pain doesnt get any less. anyone expereinced this before?

  2. I had this.

    First, 3 exercises for traps is too much. 4-5 total sets a week is all you need. Remember, they are hit indirectly a lot.

    Take a nother 2 weeks off or so IMO. If it still hurst then, see a doc. Mine went away after 2 weeks off from all back/delt exercises.

    Good luck.

  3. thank you

  4. Get a sports really helps.

    I never do direct trap work anymore..too painful and they're already bordering on disproportionate. As Spatch said, they get hit a lot from nearly all other upper body work.

  5. i asked my friend (a doctor) he says its problably a rhombus strain/injury? sound correct? im gonna cut back all traps for a week.then just do a couple exercises a week. s there anything esle i can do to thicken up my neck besides trap exercises?

    yes im trying to get a sport massge this christmas that would be pretty awesome



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