After doing 5x5 for awhile, and looking to try something new, I did alot of reading lately and tried fitting a WSB type routine into a 4 days/week schedule.

This is what I came up with...I'm hoping I'm giving myself enough time in between DE/ME days and that the selections are appropriate.

Mon ME Chest (Rotate between incline/flat every 3 weeks)
Bench work : work up to 1-3rm
BB Row: 4x5 heavy
Shoulder Circuit: 3x8 (got bad rotator cuffs, trying to strengthen them)
Pushdowns: 4x8

Tue DE Legs (rotate 50/55/60% 1rm)
Speed squat: 10x2, 60 sec rests
Speed deadlifts: 10x1, 45 sec rests
SDL: 4x8
Weighted Situps: 4x8

Thurs DE Chest (rotate 50/55/60% 1rm)
Flat Speed Bench: 8x3, 45 sec rest
Pulldowns: 4x8
Clean and Press: 3x8
Curls: 3x8

Fri ME Legs (rotate sumo dead/squat every 3 weeks)
Leg work: work up to 1-3rm
Weighted Reverse Hypers: 4x8
Leg Curls: 4x8
Hanging Leg Raise: 4x8

I figure with this layout, Ill be able to get chest and legwork 2x per week (I've found that I make the best size/strength gains this way), and provide enough time between DE/ME pairs, as well as providing ample time between ME days.

Does this look good? I'm trying to hold true to WSB principles, but I'm trying to slightly minimize the volume WSB entails (Kind of mixing and matching 5x5 with WSB...) Also, I'm looking solely for strength here, as I'm training for football. I'm just hoping that there is enough volume per day to be effective.

Any and all comments welcome and appreciated