a diet for my girl

  1. a diet for my girl

    shes 59 weighs like 145 she needs to loose like 10 pounds can someone terll me what she should eat or write like a samole diet

  2. How tall is she? Also we kinda need to know what type of workout she does.

  3. also, how active is she, gym excluded? and what does her typical diet look like at the moment?

  4. shes 5feet9inches she works at the mall and goes to collge her diet isnt that reat usually salads 3times a day please help

  5. Salad 3 times a day is the old starvation diet. Tell her to have some low GI carbs(oatmeal, yams) and some lean protein(chicken, tuna). Throw in some EFA's at night(flax) and she's set. Get her a BMR from YJ's thread, minus 500 from that total, get 40% protein, 40% carbs and 20% fat.

  6. whats a bmr ?how many times a day should she eat?

  7. http://www.anabolicminds.com/forum/s...=&thread****750

    It is necessary to do some research on your own. If you've been around any of these boards for any length of time, you know she should eat 5-6 times a day.

  8. personally i would say to not even subtract the 500 from her BMR...sounds to me like she wouldn't even be at that..and by far...if shes just eating salad 3 times a day.

    typical college chic though....get her to start reading on her own and doing research if shes really concerned. Its cool you want to help, but your not the one thast going to be feeding her or lifting the weights for her etc. Shes gotta be in to it..just as much you are into her doing it.


  9. Originally posted by madmuscle
    shes 59 weighs like 145 she needs to loose like 10 pounds can someone terll me what she should eat or write like a samole diet
    LOL, I read that as 59 years old the first time...hmm, a college age changes what I was thinkin. Make sure she stays away from indulging in anything that tastes good. That's rule #1. No impulse foods. Anything you eat on a diet should be stuff you force down. So, no simple sugars, saturated fats, etc. Make sure the 40-40-20 comes from clean sources. Starches, lean meat, and flax oil. Allow a little leeway room for seasonings...tell her the worse it tastes and the boringer it is, the more she is on her way. Even on my bulking diets I avoid avoid simple carbs (other than post workout) and foods that I crave...beat up your body and discipline yourself and you'll look good.

  10. ok seriously guys...you can't expect a chic thats only eating 3 salads a day, to start worrying about 40-40-20, simple sugars etc.....she needs to start slow, like by eating real food, a few times a day. Not ****ty food by all means, but just get her to eat clean ...up the protien and moderate carbs low fat......eye ball it though, no need to jump right in and start going with ratios of protien carbs and fat...don't even count cals really...i mean its common sense that grilled chicken and vegetables with say a sweet potato is much healthier then a number 4 combo at wherever.

    point is get her off the starvation trip and into real life eating...counting cals..and adjusting nutrient intake comes later..AFTER you know how to eat.



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