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    Question All-Time Favorite Split

    Just want to see what everyone`s all-time favortie split is whilst training naturally.
    I know everyone is different, but it`s good to see what works for others.

    Anyway, this my favorite split so far:

    M - Back/Biceps
    T - Chest/Triceps
    W - Off
    R - Legs/Calves
    F - Delts/Traps/Abs
    Sat - Off (cardio optional)
    Sun - Off

  2. M - Chest/Shoulders/Tris
    T - OFF
    W - Back/Biceps
    T - OFF
    F - Legs/Calves
    S - OFF
    S - OFF

    I'll be doing your split above though for my SuperONE+ cycle coming up.

  3. Nelson
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    Draven - I tried doing a push/pull/legs once before, but found that my front delts were shot after chest.
    How do you find doing delts & tris after chest?

  4. Tri's are OK but I do find my delts lag a bit so I switch it up and sometimes do delts first.

  5. this is what im doing now to see how it works

    mon: chest/legs/lower back
    tues: off
    wed: shoulders/abs/cardio
    thurs:upper back/cardio
    Fri: bi's/tri's/fore arms/cardio
    sat: abs/cardio
    sun: off

  6. M: Chest
    T: Back
    W: Off
    Th: Legs
    F: Shoulders/Arms
    S&S: Off

    or Push, off, legs, off, pull off off.

  7. Originally posted by Nelson
    M - Back/Biceps
    T - Chest/Triceps
    W - Off
    R - Legs/Calves
    F - Delts/Traps/Abs
    Sat - Off (cardio optional)
    Sun - Off
    i dont have a favorite....however the split most used you can consider a favorite. Your split is very close to my standard. (cept mine, is done with a 6 your sunday would be back to back/bis)

  8. I have the same split as Nelson, woot! *high five* dawg!

  9. M-power cleans, quads, abduction and adduction, calves, lower abs (pelvic tilting as opposed to crunching)
    T-vertical back exercises, shoulders, biceps, external rotators, upper abs(crunching)
    T-deadlift, hams, abduction and adduction, calves (different than monday), twisting abs
    F-horizontal back, chest, triceps, external rotators

    -i train either 3 or 10 hours after waking up about 1 hour after a meal
    -if doing sprints, i train legs 3 hrs after waking and run 6 hrs later(10hrs after waking)
    -upper body exercise are done in a superset with 2 min between working sets to optimize recovery between sets (4.5-5 min between sets of same exercise)
    -i lower the weight for 3-4s and pause slightly then attempt to accelerate it (my main interest is power and strength, not size, although i have been growing well). even if the weight is heavy and moving slow, i still am attempting to move it fast
    -i do back exercises first, then chest or shoulders on the given day in the supersets. make sure that the amount of vertical pushing and pulling match same for horizontal. if your chest is stronger than your back, do more for your horizontal back to pull it into line. this will help your chest way more than plugging away at your chest day in and day out.
    -i do external rotators every upper body workout because they are relatively weak
    -whichever part is the weakest should be done first on the first workout of the week
    -right now i am concerned with eliminating muscle and flexibility imbalances
    -i don't train longer than 40-50 min, sprint workouts are 20-30 min

    that's basically it, i rotate the days around every time i change the reps or tempo or exercise, which can be every 2-4 weeks, depending on the phase i'm in, once again concentrating on weaknesses. why, because they are what hold back your strong parts.

    cheers, pete

  10. Hamstrings/lower back
    Upper back/rear delts/bi's/traps
    Chest/front and middle delts/tri's

  11. I change it all the time, but:

    M - Bis/Tris/Calves
    T - Quads/Hams/Calves/Abs
    W- Off (forearms and abs at home)
    Th- Chest/Forearms/Calves
    Fri- Back/Bis/Calves/Abs
    Sat- Delts/Calves/Abs

    Sometimes I end up missing the calves or abs because of time constraints, but Im working on it.

  12. Mine is very simple, 4 day:

    Day 1 - Chest/Tri's

    Day 2 - Back/Bi's

    Day 3 - Legs/Abs

    Day 4 - Shoulders/Traps

    This seems perfectly balanced for me, if I switch to another routine for a little I always go back to this one later.


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