Good news, Bad News..

  1. Good news, Bad News..

    Good news:

    Squats and everything else continue to improve daily.. even through PCT.

    Tonight, BB Squats...

    set 1, 12 x 315 pounds.. right down to the box to the very last rep.
    set 2, 12 x 315 pounds.. right down to the box all the way through.

    so I decided.. I better use more weight. (granted not much)

    set 3, 12 x 320 pounds, Yeep got them all.. although 11 and 12 weren't quite to the box.

    Far in away a huge improvement from last week... I was thinking going for 340 next week.. but... now the bad news.


    Leg Presses

    Set 1, 8 x 665 pounds.. lifted off easy, and reps were good and clean.

    Set 2.. I decided to change my position slightly... I went to push the weight up and it didn't move.. I pushed harder it started to move.. AND WHAM.. something totally let go in my mid/lower left side of my back... I got up, walked around and thought.. hmmm it doesn't hurt.. what the hell was that... 5 minutes later, I got back down, went to attempt to move the weight up, and it hurt big time..

    I shut it down for the night... every minute that passes by my back is getting sorer.. I pulled it good I think... Getting into the truck is brutal, bending over is brutal, and it's only been a few hours. I layed down for my glute shot of 70h diacetate (not a steroid for those that don't know better).. and I almost couldnt get up.

    I went straight to the pharmacy after the gym... and they gave me something with codene and a muscle relaxent, not found on the shelf, but the strongest thing they could give me with out a perscription.

    I have heat bands.. and ice/hot rub of some sort... I already called my boss, and let him know I pulled my back, and i have no idea whether I'll be able to get out of bed or not tomorrow.
    on top of all that... When leaving work, The cops were everywhere in a nearby, we could see the cherries.. We thought someone was stabbed in the park.. according to the radio... Turns out it was my aunt, she's fine though... but a guy and girl, came in her house to use the phone.. and ended up stabbing her.. She's fine though.. so back to me and my problem..

    I need suggestions.. am I like screwed for working out for week or 2? I'm just had a week off.

    Any advice at all to speed recovery?

    p.s. those pills are making me feel goofy.. but better... lol

  2. might want to check with a chiro brudda. your back ain't made to screw around with.

    question: on leg presses, how low are you going? if your ass moves up at all, you're going too low. buddy of mine screwed himself up royally by doing this with 1200lbs.

  3. Sounds like we're brothers in injury. Did the same damn thing with deads about 4-5 weeks ago. I'm still sore but it's getting better. Screwed up my sacrum and pulled the ileo/soaz muscle tendon group badly.

    The good news? I have a new chiropractor and she's hot and into bodybuilding. Had an appointment with her on Halloween and she was dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. I could have died on that table lol.

    I've been hitting the celery seed extract, and my own mix of Cissus and bromelain. Works pretty well for pain relief. Did squats a couple weeks ago and felt good doing them..but the next day I paid dearly and I could tell it set recovery back to the begining.

    Take some time off legs, ,get some chiro and maybe a deep tissue sports massage. Get Xrays just in case.

  4. How are your ab workouts coming along? Training them 1-2 times a week will help support your back and make some of the pain go away. Hopefully this will help you get back in the game quicker.

    PS Bioman - The muscle is your ileo/psoas not

  5. I pulled my back fighting at karate and I got muscle relaxers, and those heat patches.( The pills made me drool..LOL) but the heat patches helped alot....

    Take it slow and listen to your body! Good luck
    RIP Ryan, :(

  6. Man thats messed up about your aunt.
    A massage would help loosen up your back but would probably be painfull as hell. Chiro's are good too but for some reason they usually have a hard time adjusting my back. But I find if I get a massage first it makes it a little easier.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by FLY
    How are your ab workouts coming along? Training them 1-2 times a week will help support your back and make some of the pain go away. Hopefully this will help you get back in the game quicker.

    PS Bioman - The muscle is your ileo/psoas not

    Lol, I'll take your word for it...I was being worked on by my brutal massuese as he was telling me wtf was wrong with me

    Ditto on the ab work.

  8. Thanks for all the support and suggestion guys..

    First my Aunt is fine.. she stayed at a brother last night, and took up drinking.. lol.. I imagine she's fairly Hung-over this morning.. and sadlly will feel pretty damn uncomfortable at home... So much for letting people use the phone..

    I stayed home from work today, but slept like a total baby last night.. wore one of the heating bads all night, took my pills, and layed on my back, didn't move a millimeter all night.. (for you americans out there.. a millimeter is like 1/20 of inch or so.. lol.

    My mobility is pretty good.. it's only certain things that really hurt. standing is a peice of cake.. I can even get in and out of bed fairly easily (If I do it a certain way.) Cauffing or sneezing is very bad. Or certain twisting motions..

    Obviously I'm skipping my workout today, and my cardio tomorrow.. but I may still hit chest, as I feel very comfortable on my back.. (and very uncomfortable on my stomach) Although my sweety don't want me to move for a week.. (well except for driving her to work.. and actually I'm fairly certain getting into the truck will be the devil.)

    I'm not sure I'm going to worry about a x-ray just yet... Even sitting her I'm 100% comfortable(Well I can certainly feel that there is something not quite right), I can even bend down with less pain today then I could last night? Everything seems to feel normal on the outside.. and well its the muscle thats actually tender to the touch when my gal massages me.

    My abs... Actually I've been hitting them twice a week since I started, and I push them with weight like everything else... I can pretty much max the ab crunch machine at the gym at 230 for 4 sets of 12... (max is 245)... I also us the ball frequently. At my size, and body fat I can see my obliques, and with my hand my abs jut out big time... If I could un-cover them, they'd be large and ugly. hell I've over fed so much in the past, I believe I'll have what looks like "gh gut"... but yea, I treat my abs good, never neglected. What I haven't been doing though is Deads or lower back work for about 6 months or more.... I was puttin them back in in 4 weeks (the start of my new 6-day split).

    Incidently.. leg presses makes my abs do the cramp dance alot when I stand up after my set. Sometimes buckling me over.. but sometimes they just start to undulate... and I just rub them and pray while I wait for them to relax.. whats with that?

    Beez... I'm going about as low as I can comfortably go, before my back and my belly collide to much. I was just pushing off from the starting position this time, so I certainly wasn't to low.. cause the starting position is higher then my lower swing when I'm actually doing a rep. I think what ****ed me up is I tried to wedge my ass slightly differently to the bottom seat, and I might of brought my tail bone of the back support, and pushing off may of curled my back or something. I won't make that mistake again.

    When I'm actually doing reps, my arms hold the grips firmly and my upper body chest everything is working to firmly keep my ass planted. I don't bounce, or move my arse. And I always try to go at least 2:2 up and down.. Bobo taught me something at least..

    okay.. I talked enough. Time to relax some more.


  9. Well it turns out it's not my back at all.. looks like it's a rib cage thing... probably stretched ligments that tie my muscle to my left side rib cage.. front side, and back (mostly back).

    Anybody have experience with this sort of injury?

    I was able to complete my chest routine with out a problem.. only time it hurt was when lifting the bar of the rack.. or if i lost balance a bit with decline DB press. But mostly it was fine.

  10. Sounds like you are on the recovery train which is good.

    Sorry to hear about your aunt.

    Here is my guess. Your legs were already cooked after doing a PR in the squat. They just weren't up to lifting the 600+ lbs on the leg press and your abs/trunk tried to take up the slack and WHAM!

    IMO you don't need the leg press as you are already getting enough from the squats.

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