Help: Cramps so bad I can hardly stand

  1. Exclamation Help: Cramps so bad I can hardly stand

    This has been going on for about 3 weeks now. When I work my abs I get extremely painfull cramps, so tight that it doubles me over and I can hardly stand. I do regular flat crunches and I also do a modified crunch (where I elevate my legs on a bench). I also do side bends/oblique crunches of a hyperextension contraption. I use to do 3x10 of each but now i can only get about seven reps on my flat crunhes and the pain begins. I am not on cycle. My last was a sd 3 weeker in july. Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much.- Witty

  2. Stop! I have never done abs exersices and still look sexy. Seriously, sounds like you are overtrained

  3. D thanks for the reply. How you been man? I work them on tues. thurs. sat. 3x10 Do you really think thats too much? It so strange man these cramps are killer. When I lay flat on the floor and try to rasie up thats when they kick in and I have to lay flat and relax before they go away its HORRIBLE.

  4. I've been great and terrible sometimes in the same day, but still alive...
    I suggest you stop for 2-3 weeks and see if it'll get better.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by DmitryWI
    I've been great and terrible sometimes in the same day, but still alive...
    I suggest you stop for 2-3 weeks and see if it'll get better.

    Listen to the above quote...

    Taking a week or 2 off can suck, but its necessary.

  6. ditto on the break. Also stretch them like a mofo. I find standing a foot or two behind a doorframe, grabbing the top of the frame, and letting my body fall into an ab stretch works great. You could also try that yoga like stretch that's like a pushup but your hips are on the ground and hands right next to them while looking at and stretching towards the ceiling.

    You could also try drinking more water before/during your workout and adding some taurine if needed.

  7. btw, how you feelin' Witty? Getting better?

  8. Thanks for the replies guys. I get about 7 gms of Taurine a day and I have been taking potassium. I am gonna try stretching before hand just a bit more before I work them. I didnt work them this Tue. but I am gonna try tommorow and see what happens. I really appreciate the help guys. These cramps are horrible

  9. Dude, based on that prominence you have jutting out of your midsection I'm not surprised that **** hurts

    But seriously, why not give it a week or two off?

  10. Wondering how things went with some time off or the stretching.

    I started getting ab cramps about 4 years ago to the point that I had to stop doing ab work. The past two years it started in other areas of the midsection.

  11. Also try drinking a propel durring your workout. That should help with the cramps. Warm up good as well.


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