How much is too much volume?

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  1. where did i say i don't take the sets to failure? i fail btw 10-12 then 6-8 then 4-6

  2. glenihan, do you lift with someone? The reason I ask is that I have just learned of this DC training and I work out alone in my basement. It looks interesting and would like to incorporate it into my upcoming cycle but not sure...

    Do you have any idea how I can adjust this routine to be effective on my own?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    chest - either incline hammer strength or flat db press
    do you use the hammer (vertical) or pronated (horizontal -- like a BB bench) grip on this machine?

  4. pronacted

    and jim, i've done the workout for many weeks at a time by myself and as long as you aren't doing BB bench and your squat rack has safety pins you should be in no danger at all

  5. Thanks for the info glenihan... I just started a variation of this workout this week and last night was my first go at it. I must say it is very intense. I like it.
    The one thing that really suprised me was how tough and painfull the stretches were.... felt like muscle was going to rip from my bone, but afterword I felt great and had a huge pump.

  6. yeah some of the stretches REALLY kill .. i don't know if they really make a difference (aside from the lat stretch which i am POSITIVE does) but they certainly don't hurt and i'll take any extra help i can get

  7. How do you do the lat one that you feel makes it affective? I did it last night and I couldn't really feel much. Not like the chest one for sure.

  8. i use straps and take a SUPER wide grip on the pull up bar with palms away from my body and try to flare out my lats (think looking like a cobra) as much as i can and just hang for as long as i can


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