squats/deadlifts/compound moves over rated?

  1. squats/deadlifts/compound moves over rated?

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to the board. I've only looked around for about 10 minutes, but this board looks pretty good.


    I was flipping through this months FLEX when I saw the article "gunters extreme makeover." It's Gunthers new workout, invented by Charles Glass.

    I noticed 3 things
    1) no deadlifts
    2) no barbell squats
    3) He's got about a 1:1 ratio of compound to isolation movements, ie hes doing as much iso as compound.

    Most people I know disagree with all 3 of those, but Charles Glass is one of the most famous trainers in the world, and Gunter just took 4th in Mr. O.

  2. does Gunther have any injuries which may have him training this way?

  3. Gunter has enough mass but he needs more details. I think this is the reason that CG has him on that program. Unless you have the genes, drugs, and time, most pro programs are not really worth their salt.

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