1. "The" MOVEMENT

    I am looking for opinions as well as expressing mine about the single best movement for gaining overall size, strength, and conditioning. imo i have been doing them for a while;


    when someone wants to start I always recomend 5 basics

    Standing Overheads

    but i believe this could be a complete body replacement for all these if you are short on time.

    one day we were pulling the sled heavy for short distance, and when we were beat up dead, someone had to drag it back to the car,
    my buddy said that there was no way i could drag it all the way to the car ( 75 yds or so ) it had 4-5 45s on it.
    I said your probably right and picked it up and carried it to the car with more thani thought i had in me,

    and ther it began my eyes were opened
    I had in one movement work my entire body to the fullest extent possible,
    the best bang for your buck so to speak.
    I love Alot of the strongman type stuff,
    yokewalk, farmers, tire flips.....

    has anyone ever done these carries for distance and like them as much as me?

    and does anyone have any favorite ALL-OUT ASS kicker exercises?

  2. The bear. (clean + front squat + front push press+ back squat + behind the neck push press) try it with moderate weight for like 5 reps.

  3. The bent press is pretty brutal

  4. The squat

  5. The Clean and jerk. It hits every muscle in the body.

    I don't count "complexes" like the "bear" as single lifts. You can string together any number of standing lifts and give it a special name--it is still a complex.

    I.e. Deadlift into power clean into press into back squat into military press into row into snatch etc. etc. etc. I WILL CALL IT THE RENEGAYDE!

  6. Clean and Jerk is a very short movement. No Time Under Tension. Carries for distance, though, gives you TUT.

  7. I started using a sandbag when I was short on time, missed a workout, or just to break things up, but I like it so much that I use it all the time on off days, or even as a full body workout. The clean and jerk is a short movement, but it's a plyo movement, isn't it? I do C & J, sandbag carries with a cable grip, and even carry it around on my shoulders or head for time (5 mins+). My favorite is taking it to the driveway and doing some throws. Great for core strength, grip, only takes a few minutes, and it's fun. I've only got 120lbs in it, so it's not heavy, but no handles, and the weight shifting around makes it feel heavier.

  8. I always liked the Clean and Press.


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