Returning to lifting after back injury

  1. Returning to lifting after back injury

    I'm recently returning to the gym after a several month layoff due to a lumbar disk problem. I've been told quite bluntly that my days of deadlifting and heavy bent rows are over, as I will most certainly herniate the disk badly if I do.

    Currently I'm slowly easing into pulldowns and light cable rows. Hyperextensions actually seem to help the problem so long as they're not heavily weighted. (physitherapist has me doing them on exercise ball right now)
    I'm looking for feedback from anyone who has experienced similar lower back injuries. Specifically I'm interested in which exercises seemed effective and yet caused no pain. Has anyone tried one arm DB rows? T bar rows?

  2. I've been told the same thing from my doc, except he was saying "wheelchair for the rest of your life" instead of "hernia" because the "bad hernia" was already there. I eased back into training, just as you are doing. 2 years afterwards, I was deadlifting 405.

    Lots of stretching. Reverse hyperextensions on a ball are great for me. At first, I was stretching, tummy-on-ball, on top of a bench, between every single set. After a couple months of this, diminished this stretching gradually.

    The idea is to reduce the pressure your disk is exposed to during the stretching. This allows it to gradually return to its natural position and shape.

    Long R3 IGF-1 might help. AFAIK it crosses customs, no problemo. "S. Norman" has a thread or 2 about the healing properties of IGF-1 and it was about a back injury. See that.

  3. I had a similar problem about a year ago. It took several months for me to get back into lifting moderately heavy weights. I was able to do deadlifts this summer although I did not try to go heavy.
    You should put alot more time into training abs if you don't helps take some of the tension off the lower back. Try to throw in a few extra hamstring exercises and stretching too. Just try not to rush into the heavy weights too quickly. Good Luck

  4. Thanks for the replies guys. Point well taken on the abs. Also I hadn't considered using the ball to stretch between sets - that seems to make good sense. I guess slow and easy is the key.

    It's encouraging to hear that you both were able to return to deadlifts at some point. I guess it will all be about patience and taking it slow and easy.

  5. Definitely don't rush it. Maybe tie in some deep tissue massages/ROLFing/ART sessions as you slowly build up strength. This will help realign the muscles and aid the spine in staying in proper alignment.

    IGF might be good. It made my joints feel "younger" although the first few days on are like torture with heavy arthritis symptoms.

    Heavy doses of Celadrin/Glucosamine/MSM to keep the disk hydrated may also help.

    Pilates and or yoga amy also be of benefit. It's not fun but it helps elongate all the major muscles.



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