Poll: Do you stretch for 5 minutes or longer a day?


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  1. IMO, warm up with light cardio for 5-10 min, then some warmup sets (so obviously some easy sets of sets of 10 and then a set that is a little heavier for five, just to get yourself ready) Then static stretching after you complete you workout, or at least after you are thoroughly warmed up.

  2. Anyone ever try The Big Stick (www.thestick.com)? I've tried the foam roller but I can never relax enough on it to get the myofacial release that it's supposed to give.

  3. I started doing very deep stretching after working that particular muscle for a few months now and the results have been incredible, I am getting stronger every workout and the i am putting size on a steady rate (i am a natty), beeze has been doing the same stretches if i remember correctly. Go check it out @ intensemuscle.com under extreme stretches sticky, there painful but they work, JMO and feedback using them.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BobbyRay
    I stretch 3x per week and use a foam roller twice weekly both for about 30 min at a time. The foam roller helps more with flexibility and recovery, IMO.
    I've just started using a foam roller myself. Do you know of any good stretches for the shoulders? I've had a hard time finding any information on this particular joint with regards to foam rolling, beyond what was shown in a T-mag article awhile back.

  5. I stretch after.. stretching before has been proven to make you weaker during lifts

  6. Brennon knows what he's talkin 'bout. Many people have an anterior pelvic tilt, which will make the hamstrings feel tight, because they're in a lengthened position. Strengthen and tighten them, stretch the quads and hip flexors.

    Anyway, i only (dynamically) stretch before my workouts.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by CarryOnTheChaos View Post
    how much stretching does one think is enough?

    I know I stretch every muscle before working it out as a warm-up...and I also continue to stretch that muscle in between each set to keep the muscle from getting to pumped and leaving me incapable of full flexion/ROM.

    I also will usually stretch out post-workout to trie and deplete all of the lactic acid from the muscle...and periodically throughout the next day if I'm sore.

    My question is...is this enough? Or should I set aside actual sessions of stretching such as when I used to do martial arts?

    yeah bro I think this is enough. I stretch between sets or flex, and do Dc stretching usually at the end of a training session.
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  8. DC stretches after training and full body stretches before BJJ. I can easily do the splits laterally and vertically, which has helped out my submission game immensely.
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  9. I could start another thread but here it is

    how long is your PR stretch and what exercise?

    For back.Hanging widegrip stretch with a 45 attached to a belt 1:05
    Incline Db fly stretch 1 min
    havnt timed the others.
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  10. about a minute and a half with 55 on my waist on the hanging back...

  11. quad stretch 2 mins 20 secs
    Sddl with just the bar stretch 2 mins
    shoulder out from sythe 3 mins
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  12. i usually stretch after my 5-10 warmups, don't want to pull anything while my muscles are cold

  13. I stretch for about 5 minutes everyday before my workout. I also find myself stretching specific muscle groups when I get home from my workout if I feel especially tight.
  14. Don't stretch "RIGHT" before resistance training

    Stretching for flexibility is great and for "some" needed. It's already been mentioned here that it's best to stretch after a workout, but I'll re-emphasize it. I could have summarized a strength & conditioning research article in my own words to sound like a genius like those chemists do when they talk about nomenclatures, but I decided against it. Here's the research article's link, its a heck of a long read, so unless you are truly fascinated by exercise science or have a personal vested interest in the effects of stretching on "PERFORMANCE" don't even bother. It's not a glancer article.

  15. I use to practice karate and my sensei honed in on the importance of stretching.. all that went out myear as soon as I finished. Now I am really appreciating the importance of it. Improved flexibility and less soreness allows me to train harder the next day, and that's why I do it. My schedule doesn't allow me to slack and take too many days off just because I'm a bit sore.

    Those who mentioned the foam roller - it is so painful, especially on the sides of your legs, but doing it consistently and often makes it more manageable.. I grit my teeth and force it to roll on the toughest parts.. no pain no gain, lol

  16. My massage therapist informed me that she recently learned that it takes a good stretch and to hold it for two minutes for a good release. Not cold obviously.

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  17. I never stretch before I workout... I believe my muscles are right when I get to then (unless I am injured or feeling stiff).

    I stretch about 3-5 hours afterwards.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by nelix View Post
    I never stretch before I workout... I believe my muscles are right when I get to then (unless I am injured or feeling stiff).

    I stretch about 3-5 hours afterwards.
    Interesting. I don't mind some ballistic stretching after some light warm up sets, or some glute activation type exercises before squats.

  19. I don't think there has ever been a study showing that stretching before exercise is beneficial in any way. But there are studies out there that show it is beneficial to stretch after exercise.

  20. Believe it or not, hard stretching afterwards helped me get through my last plateau as I hadn't been doing it up until then..

  21. over strecthing is my biggest problem. I used to strecth 3-4 times a day for 45 minutes. I now have incredible flexibility but a bad right hammy that wont heal. For athletes perfect hamstring flexibility is defined as being able to touch ure toes. I have gone far beyond that and i think im just gonna let it heal and stop strecthing for a while.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by rake922 View Post
    I stretch after.. stretching before has been proven to make you weaker during lifts
    Very true, if you're talking about static stretching. Before lifting .. after lifting .

    btw, 1000th post!

  23. I never stretch. I can see the point if you're stiff as ****, but I'm still able to put both my legs behind my neck and stretch my hamstrings standing from a plateau and touching the ground, so I reckon I don't need them. Also I think that if you're too flexible, you could increase the risk of injury by loosing some of your stability. Can't really prove that though.

  24. It is funny that people who are flexible will tell you not to stretch before you workout. If i don't stretch my groin, hams and hip flexors before i squat i am not going to get much acomplished. If i don't stretch my hip flexors before benching my arch is going to suffer. If i don't stretch my hams before i deadlift my back hurts a little.
    Some of us who are a little older, a little bigger, and a little more beat up need to stretch just to lift.


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