I had to pass this along. This program is the ****. there is a 15 day free trial. I'll just post the program description

Expand your body composition knowledge and skills with LifeSize software. Anthropometry is the science of comparative measurements of the human body. This software program will first teach you and your students the exciting dimensions of anthropometry and will then make it easy for you to use anthropometry in class projects and research programs.

LifeSize software makes it easy to estimate body composition by calculating a comprehensive series of skinfold, girth, length and breadth measurements. The software uses these measurements to estimate muscle mass, bone mass, fat mass, and residual mass.

The software is a superb educational tool with fascinating graphics for understanding and utilizing somatotyping—the process of classifying and comparing individuals and athletes by their physique.

With a click of a button, you can:

  • Compile and store in-depth individual profiles in three levels of complexity and compare the profiles over time to chart changes in body composition and shape
  • Use an individual’s profile to find out which sport best matches his or her body type
  • Compare physical profiles between norms for different cultures, races, sexes, age groups, and sporting groups
  • Examine “what-if?? scenarios by changing one or more values in an individual profile
  • Compare clients’ body fat to population norms

The program allows you to easily apply the anthropometric profiling system guidelines of the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry. It’s also a valuable tool for researchers interested in studying specific populations.

With LifeSize, you are able to store and analyze measurements for three types of profiles. A full profile features 40 measurement sites including height and mass, 9 skinfolds, 13 girths or circumferences, 6 breadths, and 10 height/length measurements. Restricted profiles use 18 measurements, while fitness profiles require 12 measurements.

The on-line “Help? feature allows the user to understand and apply the measurements listed in the program and includes photographs of measurement sites. The user manual also serves to explain the various measurements used in the program.

Two versions of the software are available, including a Personal Edition for individuals and an Agency Edition for use on multiple computers.

LifeSize is an excellent teaching tool for high school physical education and college exercise physiology classes, as well as a very useful research tool for those conducting anthropometry studies.