Shoulder Pain serious or not

  1. Shoulder Pain serious or not

    The last two times that i benched i felt pain in my left shoulder and have recently been hearing clicking sounds once in a while. Is this something common that goes away or do i need to take time off/see a doctor?

  2. I had the same problem. Sounds like a rotator cuff injury. I would suggest taking a little time off and doing rotator cuff excercises to strengthen it. Also check out Cissus rx from USPlabs(a board sponsor). This product helped me heal quickly and kept the pain away allowing me to keep training.

  3. do u think 3 weeks would get rid of the problem for good?

  4. Could be a number of things. If you have overall weakness in the shoulder, thats a sign of a cuff tear. My guess from what you said is that its "weightlifter's shoulder" If you have a heavy routine, been working out for awhile and not giving enough time between workouts it will just become more painful. Touch your opposite shoulder with your hand. If it hurts on this "crossover movement" then its the distal clavical.

    Give more info on how it hurts, where it hurts and what motions would give light to your condition. Best to see a dr. if it continues. Don't bother with a regular dr or ortho, see a shoulder ortho specialist.

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