GVT related error?

  1. GVT related error?

    On Avant's site Tkardde says that you shouldnt go to failure while on gvt while wardog in this site says you should be..


    which is it?!

  2. Difference of opinion. I used to go to failure. Now I do not. See what works for you bro.

  3. im not a fan of failure.. i think it puts wayyy too much stress on your body.. however, if the proper way to train using gvt is to go to failure i will do it... i will be 'on' at the time so i dont know if going to failure will be okay cause i am 'on' or if it still puts too much stress.. im awaiting to see what wardog has to say..

  4. No, I dont believe that is proper to go to failure with GVT. When you read the orginal GVT documents I think that they advocated failure but the info is dated and we have learned that it is often best not to go to failure. You can have the same results, I believe, without going to failure.

  5. i dont go to failure...with this much volume it doesnt make sense to me and i agree with what you said earlier about putting stress on your body...if you use heavy enuf weight by the time you get to your 7th or 8th set you'll be struggling to complete your 10 reps....

  6. yeah biggin also told me that by sets 6-10 you might not even get 10 reps.. so if on set 8 i can get 7 reps to failure should i just stop at 6?

  7. Originally posted by LakeMountD
    yeah biggin also told me that by sets 6-10 you might not even get 10 reps.. so if on set 8 i can get 7 reps to failure should i just stop at 6?
    thats true...i'm keeping the same weight until i can do the 10 for 10. when i get to those last few sets, ya i stop one rep short of failure. Poloquin makes the point that the volume is what promotes hypertrophy so going to failure isnt necessary. i'd give the link but dont know how to put it here...i'm usin the article yj has linked in his signature. another thing i'll do is if i get to set 7 and still can do 10 reps fairly easily (meaning not struggling) i'll go ahead and add weight and finish it out..might look something like this for squats...sets 1-7, using 185x10, set 8 205x8, set 9 205x7 set 10 205x5. hope this helps a little. btw this is what i did last time i did squats...and this week i'll start out at 205 and see what happens.

  8. yeah thats pretty much what i figured and what im going to do as well ..

    here is poloquin's article on gvt..


  9. to find the weight to use, find the weight that you can do double the desired amount of reps. ie: if you are doing ten sets of ten reps, the starting weight is what you can do for 20 reps. DON'T CHANGE THIS WEIGHT. the idea is that the repeated efforts make the weight easier to lift in the long run. this is why the weight stays the same. try not to go to absolute failure if you can't finish a set before the last one. if you do so, it makes the other ones harder and negates the effect somewhat. on the otherhand, if you can finish all sets, then add 5% weight (for squats, always add 75% of your bodyweight to the bar weight and use this number for weight lifted and adjustments). don't use this or any other routine for more than 6 workouts and take a 12 week break between using GVT again.


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