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  1. Upper Chest

    Hey, I thought I would ask the experts in here... My upper chest seems to take pride in lagging behind. Are there any other exercises you all perform to target that area besides incline dumbell/barbell? I searched around for a few minutes but really couldn't find any decent info on this..

  2. Inline flys, and when at the top, push the weights together as hard as you can for about 2-3 seconds....that helped my upper chest..

    also: incline DB press, but at the top, keep the DB's about 8-12 inches apart (keeps constant tension on the pecs)
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  3. keep your elbows back on incline db press. read my post on nicolai's dumbell/barbell thread in this section.

    cheers, pete

  4. Thanks... I used to do incline flys back in the day... looks like its time to get them back in the mix...

  5. Close grip incline barbell presses work really well too...squeeze really hard at the top.

    My brother and I devised this shock routine for chest where we'd take and adjustable incline bench, start at the highest position (almost 90 degrees) and start super-setting incline db presses with incline flyes. Do one superset, then lower the angle, and repeat until the bench lies flat. (we'd go through about 5 positions like this - for a total of 5 supersets)

    I thought my chest was going to explode, the pump was unreal, and so was the pain afterwards.

    Oh, and keeping your chin down while your doing the incline press seems to help as well...



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