Cant decide which to use

  1. Cant decide which to use

    Im running a new cycle soon and I want to change up my routine so I can ge the most out of it. i need help to decide which one to use, or what to change around.

    My friend was tell me he had good results with something like this, ive never done the same body parts twice in one week. i think since its very different from my normal it might work.

    M: Chest/Tris
    T: Back/Bis
    Wed: Leg/Shoulders
    Th: Chest/Tris

    Or the standard 4-5 day split (depends on how i feel), ive been doing something like this pretty much all the time.

    M: Legs
    T: Chest/Tris
    Wed: Off

    or any other suggestions i would like to hear, give me anything.

  2. I say go with the second option. Back is sufficiently far from legs, and shoulders are sufficiently far from chest. As is it with the second option you get secondary work twice a week on a lot of muscle.

    Lower back gets worked on leg day usually
    Back frequently works rear delts
    shoudlers usually work triceps and sometimes biceps (upright rows)

  3. thanks man.

  4. how about this?

    Current workout split

    Monday Delts, Arms

    Seated dumbbell press
    Overhead barbell press
    Strict side DB laterals
    Strict rear cable lateral

    Heavy chins
    DB Hammers
    Barbell curls

    Close grip bench
    Overhead DB ext
    Decline extension

    Tuesday Legs, Calves

    Med stance leg press
    Close stance leg press
    Wide stance leg press
    Below parallel box squat

    Lying leg curl
    Stiff leg Deads

    Calf press on LP
    Seated calf raise

    Thursday Chest, Traps

    Incline DB press
    Decline DB press
    Flat bench press
    Wtd. chest dips

    Barbell shrugs
    Dumbbell shrug

    Lats, forearms

    Assisted pullup
    Single arm row
    Wtd. rack chin
    V bar pulldown
    V bar cable row

    Static hangs
    Plate pinches

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