how much rest while "on"?

  1. how much rest while "on"?

    i guess i should say more how many rest days per week? should it be a 4 or 5 day split? i was thinking since i was "on" i would go up from a 4 to 5 day split and just make sure i get enough sleep.. what do you think?

  2. Most people find that they recover quicker and can handle more, not less, while on. The question is not more days off but rather, making sure you getting enough sleep period.

  3. so get go from a 4 to 5 day split or keep a 4 day split?

  4. you can keep the four. two points though. hit your muslces with more volume per workout and make sure your diet and rest is solid. (im guarenteeing you however you wont need to worry about these cuz you will naturally want to burn out more sets with greater intensity while on) Sage

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