Single Leg Presses

  1. Single Leg Presses

    Ive always been a fan of the leg press, but I just got sick of loading plates on and off the sled, so I stopped doing them. After doing squats, I figured I'd try some 'single leg' leg presses and found that they hit my Vastus Medialis (tear drop muscle by the knee) better than anything Ive tried before. I also feel a good bit of stress on the side of the glutes too.

    Since Ive been doing them, my leg definitely looks wider from the front. Thought I'd pass it along


  2. tried em for a month but it put a lot of stress on my hips for some reason. where do you place the leg not being used?

  3. I put the leg the leg that's doing the work on the outer part of the sled toward the top, so Im pushing with the heel of my foot. The unused leg goes on the floor.

    When I did tried doing them a while ago it messed with my hip too - but I think the key is to keep the working leg in a straight line with the sled so force isnt at an angle with the hip joint.


  4. hmm, ok. i'll give it a whirl again one day. things are going well for me right now though. don't fix what ain't broke.

  5. I love doing those to finish off my leg workout. Just hang your non-pushing leg off to the side of the press machine so it's on the floor. I generally do 10-15 reps with one leg and then switch back and forth until I can't do any more.


  6. Where do you guys position your foot on the sled?

    I've seen it where the foot is basically where it would be if you were using both legs.. but with just the one in place... and I've seen it where the foot is pretty much placed in the middle of the sled..

    That difference certainly seems to have a lot to do with where it is felt (outside hip v. 'teardrop' for instance.)

  7. I do'em.

    High Position foot placement and I bottom the sled out. Sled touches the bottom.

  8. I just put my foot in the upper/middle part of the sled so the angle of force is directly paralell with the angle of the sled. I bring my knee to my chest - dosent quite bottom out the sled though.


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