Sore Achilles

  1. Sore Achilles

    I noticed Saturday while doing a high impact cardio karate class that my right ham tightened up so bad I couldnt kick. The next day same calf was sore. Monday and Tuesday seemed pretty good but I woke up this morning with a dull ache in my Achilles. It doesnt look swollen but is very sore if i squeeze it just above where it attaches to the heel.

    Is this a huge problem or just some sort of tendonitis like what i get in elbow a lot?

  2. STRETCH!!

    To stretch your achilles, place one foot flat on the floor. Kneel with the opposing knee stuck into the arch of that foot. Lean over your knee with your arms straight out and keep your heel on the floor. Relax your calf and foot and just lean into it.

  3. Thanks SJA Ill give that a whirl now and from now on. I do stretch I thought quite a bit before and after but I will focus for more on calves and achilles. Just for safety sake I am having it checked this afternoon to make sure theres no tear.

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