Switching up the routine.... Help/suggestions/tips....

  1. Switching up the routine.... Help/suggestions/tips....

    Alright currently im on a 3 day split...

    day 1 - Chest/Shoulders/Tris
    day2 - Back/bi's
    Day 3 - Legs

    What are other variations i can do??

    I think i heard somewhere you shoudlnt work bicept and tricepts the same day.....

    suggestions are appreciated...

  2. vary it up a bit bro. don't do the same routine for too long or you'll stalemate. my 3 day split is as such:
    mon - legs/bi's
    wed - chest/shoulders
    fri - back/tri's

    about to change it up again to keep it interesting. if you're getting bored with your current routine, change it up. if you like it and you're constantly improving your lifts, don't change. JMO.

  3. I don't think it matters workin' biceps and triceps the same day..

    If you want to work out only 3 days per week, you can alternate each week a different set of parts.. Here's the type of routine I started with:

    Week 1
    day 1- chest/hamstrings
    day 2- lats/quads/ calves
    day 3- bi's/tri's/delts

    Week 2
    day 1- calves/tri's/hams
    day 2- chest/bi's/delts
    day 3- quads/lats

    Rotate parts often, in the event you're working 2 large parts (quads/lats), you can do them in alternate fashion, like squat for 5 sets then bent rows for 5 for example..

    Moved to exercise forum for better response..

  4. yeah thanks bud...

    Thats the thing, its time to switch it up.. Ive been runing this routine for the past 3 months... Im more than past due, i just have to jump on it and ive been extremely busy...

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