ok i wasn't getting enough work in on my arms and the only thing i felt i was overworking were my shoulders so i'm trying to switch a few things up.

keep in mind that i don't work and i recover really quickly plus my gym is open 24/7 so a usually week spilt doesn't work for me.

also i hate taking off days because it's summer and i don't have anything to do all day but i'll include one. and do speedwork on that day

day 1: chest/shouders/forearms
day 2: abs/calfs - speedwork
day 3: back/traps
day 4: bi's/tri's/legs
day 5: off - speedwork
then repeat.

how's it look???

once a week for me isn't enough and twice a week is too much so i do a modified routine.

also i'm switching shoulders to chest day. i did this yesterday and it worked great but it was the 1st time. anyone had sucess with chest/shoulders 2gether???

i had to move shoulders around because i hit them indirectly when doing chest and again when doing legs because i have to lift the dam barbell from the ground to over my head for every set of lunges and squats because our gym has nothing to rack it on. so my shoulders were never recovering and slacking for the last month.

also my arms had been slacking since i took out my bi/tri day 1 1/2 months ago. the chest/tri, back/bi i've been doing wasn't producing the results as the bi's/tri's with supersets did for me which only takes 20 minutes so i figure i can do legs after that.