questions about routine and endurance..

  1. questions about routine and endurance..

    Hey all...for probably the last 5-6 months, I've been lifting in the 2-5 rep range for ALL exercises done. this was mainly to try and get my strength up and for the most part, this also was done due to the fact that after a cycle, I still try to use the heaviest weight, but my reps came down, so I just kept trying to hold onto at least the poundages...and then I thought that I would be able to get more reps in eventually, but no matter how much I ate and everything, the reps never went back up to what they once were and now I just keep pumping out 2-3 reps of heavy ****...obviously, my training needs revamped and tweaked...

    Anyways, I just started training in the 8-12 range for compounds, and 12-15 range for iso's ( very few iso's, btw)

    Been doing this for a week or so now. Thing is, even though I lowered my poundages, my endurance is SHOT TO HELL I thought that when lightening the weights, my reps would shoot back up, which they did, but not to the extent I thought they would....make sense?

    Anyways, I just started doing cardio again (after a LOOOOOOONG layoff of doing ANY cardio) in order to help with question is, with these changes that were made, when would you say I'll be able to start feeling better and have more endurance with workouts sine making this switch?

  2. I know it will probably take some time, but hopefully I can start upping the lbs. again each week or so. It seemed like I was built for power more from doing HIT for so damn long. But in return, it totally wasted my endurance abilities. I'm just glad I'm on hte right path now, so I can make better size gains and then hopefully just maintane my size with a bit more definition...I'd be happy then....or so I say.

    This week was the first time I've ever experienced loss of breath from doing BB bench presses...lmao.

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