Went to the gym today to hit chest and tri's. Got through my warmup and two sets of incline db press. As I was gearing up for the third set, w/ the dumbells siting on my knees, I took my hand off to whipe the sweat off my face. Well, one of the dumbells lost balance and crashed into my pinky finger that was gripping the other dumbell. (i know its probabaly hard to invision) . Anyway, right after it happend my pinky finger blew up to about double it's normal size. I can see the blood rushing through the inside of my finger. Its like a giant blood blister the size of one of those little super balls. Think I should go to the emergency room so they can prick it open? Or just ice it and hope the swelling goes done? Im mostly pissed because I did'nt complete my workout and w/ the way this things looks Ill probably be out for a week.