delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

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    Question delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

    Is this what I'm having?..... I work out each muscle group
    once a week. Tue, chest/bis, Thu, back/tris, Sat Shoulders/legs.. Off Sun & Mon and
    Abs on two off days......... I wake up with sore muscles every morning of the week,
    but the muscles that are sore aren't the ones I worked the day before..... I work my
    chest and bis on Tuesday and Thursday I will feel soreness in my chest and bis....... I did my shoulders Saturday and they were sore
    this morning...... This soreness is only in the morning when I wake up. Then after
    a couple hours, they are fine....... Sometimes I wake up during the night because
    of sore muscles....... Since I started my new routine, I have made great progress. I swear, every week I notice each muscle group getting bigger 3-4 days after I worked them...... My wife can't
    even believe my transformation this past two months..... I've also been on SD & 4-ad for 2+ weeks....... It feels good when someone at work hasn't see you in two/three weeks and says, every time I see you, your getting bigger.

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    Uh yeah... SD + 4ad will give you some good size bro. I don't doubt you're getting big with that cycle.

    As far as DOMS, I typically have that muscle group fairly store the next day or late the next day.

    I frequently wake up because of muscle soreness as well. Almost like your body is just aching and aching. Part of the game I think.

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