Need advanced training advice quick.

  1. Need advanced training advice quick.

    I have a photoshoot Saturday and I'm suffering from roid-gut (specifically 500mg/wk human grade test and 400mg/wk deca) so what do you expect. Relaxed, my abs are sticking out as far as my chest, which doesn't make a good side shot. Specifically, I'm 5'10", 173 lbs, with 8.6% bf with my chest and shoulders slightly overproportioned.

    I have time to train between 11a-12p and 3p-4p every day, so I figured within one time frame I will work out for an hour to keep gains (usually in 5 sets of 5) and the other time frame I will jog for 30 minutes, so I'll burn fat, while not increasing cardio or losing mass muscle. As for nutrition, 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fats and no food after 8pm since I goto bed around 11pm.

    What are your suggestions given my situation to cut up my stomach by Saturday while keeping most of my gains? Thanks!

  2. roid gut as you call it actually comes from the use of HGH not test.. sounds like you have a bit of water weight you are carrying to me.. a massive decarb might help you out..

  3. Yeah, like matt said, could be water....I get the same problem myself.

    It might also be VAT (visceral adipose tissue) caused from stress and elevated cortisol levels....I also remembered hearing something from Par Dues a while back when he was explaining his write-ups for Ab-solved, etc... that AAS somehow cause one to hold more VAT while on cycle....can't remember what mechanism it was now.

    I actually used Ab-solved before and it really did wonders for me. In as little as like 4 days or so....made a huge difference...might try picking some of that up....I need to do the same.

  4. Ab-solved had pretty good reviews, so I went ahead and ordered some. How is it applied and does it come with reccommended dosage? Still taking advice though.

  5. I'm not sure about the dosing on the new stuff. I think it has more active's in it w/ a couple other things to make it even better. I think they'd have the info on their site? Not sure...



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