Help me come up with a Routine!!

  1. Help me come up with a Routine!!

    I have been trying to develop a weekly routine/split for August. I will be running my first cycle then and have 2 body parts I really want to bring up during it. Quads and Biceps.

    I want to lift around 5 times a week, and are really wanting to hit those 2 parts twice a week. I also would rather work on getting my back wider twice more than getting my back thicker. I have always seen great results doing a 4 day split, putting biceps and chest together, and back and triceps together.

    I've never really worked to bring up lagging bodyparts and would really like some input on how to set this up. Thanks

  2. My biceps suck as well. What I've doing is giving them their own day, and on top of that supersetting some on my back day. I've been getting like an extra 6 sets a week and it seems to help. I personally dunno if I could handle doing legs twice a week, but maybe you can (especially with androgens).

    Maybe do something like this:
    Day 1- Chest/delts/tris
    Day 2- Biceps/Ab work
    Day 3- OFF
    Day 4- Legs (kill em)
    Day 5- Back Width (mostly wide grips)/Biceps
    Day 6- OFF
    Day 7- Quads (maybe go a little lighter)/calves

    This is just something off of the top of my head. In the end you know what works best for you. Good luck either way.

  3. I've had good progress with my biceps doing this routine.
    3 sets of each 10 reps... E-Z bar curls, hammer curls and concentration
    curls and I only do it once a week....... By the looks of your avatar, your
    doing well.

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