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    I know everyone feels stronger after a week or so off, but has anybody tried training for long periods of time with the long rests in between each gym visit, the progressive overload each time, and the sticking to partial reps?
    Post some experiences, opinions, and relevant articles here, if you would. I'm curious.

  2. Well... no, can't say that I have tried long rests, but lately I'm a big fan of something similar to HST... I am again enjoying the increased frequency (opposite of what you're talking about, I know ) and progression... but I can't say that I would ever use just partial reps... you mean, *only* partial reps? Am curious as to others' experience with this as well... can't imagine it would work very well for me particularly though.

  3. He is all about partial reps, saying muscle is built by lifting heavier weights, not by range of motion. I can't find it on, but I signed up for the email series, and he goes into more detail there.

  4. sounds like a good way for me to **** myself joint/tendon/ligament wise... just doesn't sound appealing to hit partial reps everywhere... heavy weights or not, it feels halfass to me... will read up more on it though

  5. I tried this about five or six years ago (I think). And it did not work for me or my training partner. We went up in weight but not BW. And my training partner is very gifted in terms of size and strength (once saw him rip out a a street sign..right out of the ground concret and all!) So if used with a program then IT MAY WORK. But by I don't think so.

  6. I've talked to many people who have tried and I myself tried it. Didn't work at all, strength went up some but not for full range of motion and also joints were hurting bad. Even Mentzer disliked this form of training but Pete Sisco put in some comments he made years earlier and Mentzer was ticked as hell about it. From personal experience I would say it is crap but somebody out there may like it.


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