Low Intensity Cardio, only how much?

  1. Low Intensity Cardio, only how much?

    I've seen some of you (Bobo in particular) advocate Low Intensity cardio no more than 4 times per week, 45 minutes at a time immediately upon waking and without eating. Just wondering why.

  2. The fasted cardio is not really necessary. For me I gotta do cardio 5-6 times a week 45-60 minutes. Low intensity is preferred for it's fat burning and muscle sparing ability. Cardio IMO depends on the individual. Some don't do cardio at all and they're shredded others have do do their time on the treadmill as if it were a prison sentence.

  3. No, I know about the reasons behind LI cardio I was just wondering why Bobo (mainly) says to do it no more than 4 times per week, for no longer than 45 minutes.

  4. For most people that are not in pre contest mode, that is all you ever need (of course there is variation) but I would rather have a balance of diet/cardio releasing and oxidizing FFA's than have it one sided. I have found it works better for the long run and easily to schedule out a 8/16 week plan when you can adjust and tweak both over that long of a peroid. There simply is so much fat you are going to lose per week. Increasing cardio or reducing calories more and more isn't going to change that. It would only increase the chance of muscle loss put unwanted stress on your system and make you stall out faster.
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  5. Well that settles that. 'Preciate that Bobo



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