twice/day splits?

  1. twice/day splits?

    anybody got any twice/day splits they really like?

  2. anybody recommend twice/day splits for someone not using gear?
    My friend has a 2x/day split and he's been growing really well for some odd reason.

  3. i would definitely be talking using gear & for a short period.

  4. 2/ day splits work quite well, but again 99% of people will do it wrong. To do it right is actually quite simple....

    We'll use your question in the earlier thread about training a bodypart twice per week....

    1) Take the average guy who trains 4 days per week training each bodypart once per week and about 16 sets per bodypart and going to absolute muscular failure. (This is one of the worst ways to train, but hey, it's the most popular with you banana hammock wearing bodybuilders)

    But say that guy wants to train each bodypart twice per week and make it work? Here's how to do it...

    2) Train 4 times per week using an upper/ lower split. Upper body two days per week doing 8 sets per bodypart per workout. (Same volume in total, but a greater stimulus for muscle growth. And only train to near failure.

    OK, now say that same guy wants to train twice per day occasionally. Here's how that would work...

    3) Continue using a 4 day split (although you could increase the number of days you train) - Only this time you do only about 5 sets per bodypart per training period. Train only to near failure again. You get multiple training stimuli on the same muscle each week - lots more growth and lots more strength but using the same volume you used in the one-bodypart-per-day rut.


  5. Thanks Matt for ALL the great thoughts. have a great week.



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